Browse Bluetooth Visible Pictures on Phone


How do I browse pictures saved in my Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone on my Windows 7 system?



If your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone is connected to your computer as Bluetooth device, you can browse picture files that set to be Bluetooth visible on your phone using these steps:

1. Go to "Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers". You will see your cell phone is represented as icon named as "MYPHONE".

2. Double-click "MYPHONE". You will see the "MYPHONE" window showing up.

3. Click the "Browse the files on the "MYPHONE" phone" link in the "File Transfer" section. You will see a list of 4 folders representing all files that are set to Bluetooth visible on your phone: "Audio", "Other Files", "Pictures", and "Videos".

4. Double-click on "Pictures". You will see a list of Bluetooth visible picture files saved on your cell phone. "NewYearParty.jpg" is in the list.

See the picture below:

Bluetooth Device - Browse Pictures on Cell Phone
Bluetooth Device - Browse Pictures on Cell Phone


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