Pair Options When Adding Bluetooth Device on Windows 7


What are pairing options when adding Bluetooth devices on my Windows 7 system? Do I have to enter the pairing code created by the Windows 7 system?



Your don't have to enter the pairing code (created by Windows 7 system) on your cell phone, when adding it as a Bluetooth device. Windows provides 3 pairing options when adding a Bluetooth device as shown in this tutorial:

1. Remove the Bluetooth connection to your cell phone as shown in the previous tutorial.

2. Go to "Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers". and click "Add a device". You will see your cell phone, "MYPHONE", is displayed as a device ready to connect.

3. Double-click on "MYPHONE". Sometimes Windows 7 will display pairing options instead of generating a pairing code immediately. Pairing options listed are:

Select a pairing option

- Create a pairing code for me
  The device has a keypad.
- Enter the device's pairing code
  The device comes with a pairing code.
  Check for one on the device or in the device manual.
- Pair without using a code
  This type of device, such as a mouse, does not 
  require a secure connection.

See the picture below:

Add a Bluetooth Device - Pairing Options
Add a Bluetooth Device - Pairing Options


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