Playing Music Stored in LG P925 Phone on Windows 7


How to play music stored in my LG P925 Phone on my Windows 7 laptop computer?



If your LG P925 cell phone is paired with your Windows 7 laptop computer, you can play music stored in your phone on your laptop using these steps:

1. Pair your LG P925 phone to your Windows 7 laptop.

2. On LG P925 phone, tap on "NEW_LAPTOP" under "Settings" > "Wireless & Networks" > "Bluetooth settings". To make sure that its status is "Connected to phone and media audio".

3. Start to play your favorite music.

3. On Windows 7, go to "Bluetooth Device Control" for "LG P925g".

4. Click "Connect" next to "Music and Audio" in the "Phone Operations" section. You see the "LG P925g" AV remote control showing up. The music is playing on your laptop speakerphone now.

5. On LG P925 phone, a connection message shows up:

Bluetooth authorization request
Authorize Bluetooth device? 
[ ] Always Trust Device
[OK] [Cancel]

5. Tap on "Always Trust Device" and tap on "OK" to accept the request.

You can stop and play the music with the remote control on your laptop now. See the picture below:

Bluetooth AV Remote Control for LG Phone
Bluetooth AV Remote Control for LG Phone


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