Bluetooth Device Control for LG P925 Phone on Windows 7


What is the Bluetooth Device Control for my LG P925 phone device that is paired on my laptop computer?



"Bluetooth Device Control" is control dashboard that allows you to view settings and operations on the paired Bluetooth device. You can access the "Bluetooth Device Control" using these steps:

1. Pair your LG P925 cell phone to your Windows 7 laptop computer.

2. On your Windows 7 computer, click the Bluetooth icon in the task bar. You see "LG P925g" listed as a paired Bluetooth device.

3. Double-click on "LG P925g". You see the "Bluetooth Device Control" for paired "LG P925g" device showing up:

NEW_LAPTOP -----------Bluetooth------- LG P925g
(This computer)                        (Disconnected)

Phone Operations

File Transfer
   Browse the files on (LG P925g) photo
   Send files to the (LG P925g) photo

Headset and Speakerphone
   Use this computer as a speakerphone for calls from the
   (LG P925g) phone
Music and Audio
   Play audio stored on the (LG P925g) phone through my
   Use the (LG P925g) as a proximity device (this will 
   cause a headset connection to the phone remain open)
   + Settings


File Exchange settings
   Your phone currently uses the following folder on your 
   computer for file exchanges
   Documents\Bluetooth Exchange Folder\

Authorization Options
   (*) Require confirmation for all operations to and from this 
   Bluetooth device
   ( ) Always allow this device to connect for all operations
   [*] All phone to automatically use this computer as a speakerphone

See the picture below:

Bluetooth Device Control for LG Phone
Bluetooth Device Control for LG Phone


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