Saving Picture Files on Windows 7 Received through Bluetooth


How can I save a picture file on my Windows 7 laptop computer? The file is sent through the Bluetooth connection from my LG P925 cell phone.



If your LG P925 cell phone is paired with your laptop, you can save pictures sent from your phone on your laptop using these steps:

1. Follow the previous tutorial to send a picture file from your phone.

2. After sending the picture from your phone, go to your Windows 7 laptop immediately. You see a pop up message from the task bar.

3. Click on the message. You see "Bluetooth" window showing up with several options on how to receive the picture file.

4. Click "Save in folder" to transfer the file, IMG104.jpg, to your laptop.

5. When the transfer is done. You see another pop up message showing up:

File Transfer Notification

File 'IMG104.jpg' was received from device 'LG P925g' and saved
in folder 'C:\Users\joe\Pictures'.

Click here to open the folder.

6. Open folder 'C:\Users\joe\Pictures', you see the picture file, IMG104.jpg, saved properly.


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