Sending Picture Files from LG P925 Phone through Bluetooth


How can I send a picture file from my LG P925 phone to my Windows 7 laptop computer?

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If your LG P925 cell phone is paired with your laptop, you can send pictures stored in your phone to your laptop using these steps:

1. Pair your LG P925 phone to your Windows 7 laptop as shown in previous tutorials.

2. On LG P925 phone, tap on "Camera". You see the camera screen showing up.

3. Tap on the picture icon on the bottom left corner of the camera screen. You see the last picture stored in your phone showing up.

4. Flick through all pictures and tap on a favorite picture. You see picture function icons showing up.

5. Tap on "Menu" > "Share" > "Bluetooth". You see that "NEW_LAPTOP" is listed to represent your laptop paired on the phone.

6. Tap on "NEW_LAPTOP". You see a message of "Sending file to NEW_LAPTOP" is displayed.

See the next tutorial on how to receive picture files on Windows 7 laptops.

You can also select multiple picture files and send them in a single transfer to your phone.


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