Using Windows 7 as Speakerphone for LG P925 Phone


How to use my Windows 7 laptop computer as a speakerphone for my LG P925 cell phone?



If your LG P925 cell phone is paired with your Windows 7 laptop computer, you can use your laptop computer as a speakerphone for your cell phone following these steps:

1. Pair your LG P925 cell phone to your Windows 7 computer.

2. On Windows 7, go to "Bluetooth Device Control" for "LG P925g".

3. Click "Connect" next to "Headset and Speakerphone" in the "Phone Operations" section. Your laptop computer is connected to your phone and acting as a speakerphone to your phone now.

4. On LG P925 phone, tap on "Phone" and dial your friend. You hear dial tone played on your computer's speaker.


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