Windows 7 Update - Change Settings


How to change settings of Windows Update on Windows 7? I want to set it receive updates automatically.



You can follow this tutorial to change settings of Windows Update on Windows 7:

1. Go to "Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update". You see the current update status of your Windows system.

2. Click on "Change settings" link on the left. You see the settings screen.

3. Change settings to be:

Important updates:
   [Install updates automatically (recommended)]
      Install new updates: Every day
Recommended updates: 
   [x] Give me recommended updates the same was as important updates.
Who can install updates: 
   [x] Allow all users to install updates

Sometimes, you see a warning message: Some settings are managed by your system administrator. Do not worry about this warning. Your computer is probably configured to receive updates arranged by your IT staff.

The following picture shows you the Windows Update screen on Windows 7:
Windows 7 Update - Change Settings


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