"BTMTrayAgent - Btmshell.dll" Startup Program


What is the startup program "BTMTrayAgent - Btmshell.dll" on my Windows 8 computer?

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"BTMTrayAgent - Btmshell.dll" is added to your computer as part of system installation on computers. It uses rundll32.exe to run the Btmshell.dll library.

You will see "Btmshell.dll" listed on the Startup tab of Task Manager screen as:

Startup Item : Btmshell
Publisher    : Intel
Command      : rundll32.exe "C:\Programs Files (x86)\Inter\Bluetooth\btmshell.dll",TrayApp
Location     : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Registry Name: BTMTrayAgent

Program file information about "btmshell.dll":

File name: btmshell.dll
File path: C:\Programs Files (x86)\Inter\Bluetooth
File size: 11,554 bytes
File description: Bluetooth Shell Extension
File version:
Last modified time: 8/8/2012
Company name: Motorola

"btmshell.dll" is a program developed by Motorola distributed as part of the Intel PROSet\Wireless Bluetooth product. It is used to provide a bluetooth manager accessible by a system tray icon.

It is recommended to disable "Btmshell - Btmshell.dll", since you are not using bluetooth everyday. Disable it make your system safer. You can enable it whenever you need it.


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