What Are Edge Developer Tools


What are Edge Developer Tools?

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Edge Developer Tools are tools that allow Web developers to test and debug their Web applications.

Edge Developer Tools are included in Microsoft Edge and accessible by pressing F12 key or from "... > Developer Tools" menu.

Edge Developer Tools are also provided as a standalone application called, Microsoft Edge DevTools. It's free to download and install.

Edge Developer Tools provides the following functionalities:

  • An Elements panel to edit HTML and CSS, inspect accessibility properties, view event listeners, and set DOM mutation breakpoints
  • A Console to view and filter log messages, inspect JavaScript objects and DOM nodes, and run JavaScript in the context of the selected window or frame
  • A Debugger to step through code, set watches and breakpoints, live edit your code, and inspect your web storage and cookie caches
  • A Network panel to monitor and inspect requests and responses from the network and browser cache
  • A Performance panel to profile the time and system resources required by your site
  • A Memory panel to measure your use of memory resources and compare heap snapshots at different states of code execution
  • A Storage panel for inspecting and managing your web storage, IndexedDB, cookies and cache data
  • A Service Workers panel for managing and debugging your service workers
  • An Emulation panel to test your site with different browser profiles, screen resolutions, and GPS location coordinates

Developer Tools Included in Edge Web Browser


Edge Developer Tools - View HTML Elements

Edge Developer Tools

Edge Developer Tools

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