Delete Synced Pictures/Videos from Phone with Zune


How to delete all synced pictures, music and videos from Windows phone with Zune?



Once you have synced all pictures, music and videos from your Windows phone to your Windows computer, you can delete them from your phone one by one manually. But if you want to delete them all, you do it from Zune:

1. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and run Zune.

2. Click on the Phone icon and make sure your phone is fully synced.

3. Copy all pictures files from C:\Users\"name"\Pictures\From SAMSUNG SGH-i937\Camera roll to a backup folder.

4. In the Zune software, click Settings > Phone > Sync Options.

5. Click "ERASE ALL CONTENT" button in the "Device options" section near the bottom of the options panel.

6. Click "YES" on the confirmation box to start deleting all pictures, music and videos from your Window phone:
Zune - Erase Files from Phone

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