Using "Disk Cleanup" to Remove Temporary Files on Windows 10


How to "Disk Cleanup" to remove temporary files on Windows 10? I heard that it's a nice tool.



Yes. "Disk Cleanup" is a nice tool to use on Windows 10 to remove temporary files. Here are steps you can follow to run "Disk Cleanup":

1. Click "Start" button, search and run "Disk Cleanup". The Disk Cleanup dialog box will show up.

2. Select drive "C:". You will see a list of groups of files that the system can remove from the hard disk.

3. Select all groups in the list for clean up. You will see value of "Total amount of disk space you gain" going up each time you select a new group.

checked - Setup Log Files
checked - Downloaded Program Files
checked - Temporary Internet Files
checked - System created Windows Error Reporting Files
checked - DirectX Shader Cache
checked - Delivery Optimization Files
checked - Recycle Bin
checked - RealDemo Offline Content
checked - Temporary files
checked - Thumbnails

4. Click "OK" button

5. Click "Delete Files" on the confirmation message box. Temporary files in all selected groups will be removed.

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