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Downloading Apache Server for Windows Systems
How to download Apache server for Windows systems? If you are interested in downloading a copy of Apache server for your Windows system, you should follow this tutorial: 1. Visit Apache server home page http://httpd.apache.org/. Or go to the download page directly. 2. Look at the section: "Apache HT...
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💬 2009-06-16 Tetsrer: Nice But worth

💬 2008-11-18 Orkut Basoglu: Great information. To the point. Just what I was looking for. THANKS.

💬 2008-03-20 FYIcenter.com: @Frank, Good point. There is a mistake in the picture. Thanks.

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PCAngel.exe - Service - PC Angel
Can I disable Windows service "PCAngel.exe - PC Angel" to speedup my computer? Windows service "PCAngel.exe - PC Angel" is recovery program from SoftThinks installed on your computer by the manufature. PC Angel is SoftThinks’ award-winning recovery solution for factory installed applications, driver...
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Publishing HTML Documents to Your Local Apache Server
How to publish HTML documents to your local Apache server? If you followed our Apache server installation tutorial, and our Starting Apache Server Manually tutorial, you are ready to learn how to publish HTML documents to your local Apache server: 1. Using "notepad" to create the following simple HT...
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💬 2020-08-21 lol: no

Installing Apache Server on Windows Systems
How to install Apache server on Windows systems? If you followed our downloading Apache server tutorial, the downloaded file should be stored at C:\temp\apache_2.2.3-win32-x86 -no_ssl.msi.This shows you how to install Apache server to your Windows system: 1. Double click the downloaded file C:\temp\...
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💬 2008-07-20 FYIcenter.com: @pulkit, most likely you did not uninstall the older version completely. Do a directory search, to see if you can find multiple ...

💬 2008-07-17 pulkit: i had tried to install 2.0.63 version and tried to completely uninstall and remove files. Now when i install the new version as ...

Contents Stored in a Web Archive (.mht) File
What contents are stored in a Web Archive (.mht) file? When you convert a word document into a single file Web page, Word 2007 generates a single with the extension of .mht. How text, pictures, and objects from the original word document are stored in this single .mht file? Word 2007 uses the Single...
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💬 2010-09-24 Guy Gets Girl: Thanks for good information that comes out to read.

💬 2010-09-21 exedyAlieli: well, it suppose to be in 3D, can I download and watch? will it show normally?

💬 2010-09-21 watch saw 7 online: Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answ...

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What Is PIM Item Transfer
What is PIM? What is a PIM Item, What is PIM Item Transfer? What is PIM? PIM stands for Personal Information Manager, which is a type of application software that functions as a personal organizer. For example, Microsoft Outlook uses a PIM program to manage personal contacts, events and tasks. What ...
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💬 2018-03-01 FYIcenter.com: What is the Bluetooth driver you are using?

💬 2018-02-27 Ms Tan: May i know how to change bluetooth PIM transfer file folder?

💬 2013-04-25 PC Wren: This definition defines each category, but not the actual piece of software or where it comes from? Anyone who reads the words s...

muweb.dll - DLL File - Microsoft Update Web Control
What is muweb.dll - DLL File - Microsoft Update Web Control? muweb.dll is the Microsoft Update Web Control installed as a Download Program Files (DPF). muweb.dll file information: Directory: C:\windows\system32 File name: muweb.dll Description: Microsoft Update Web Control Size: 178,408 Bytes Date: ...
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💬 2009-06-30 sohail: How to download muweb.dll for 64-bit os

wbxtra_*.wbt Temporary Files
What are wbxtra_*.wbt Temporary Files on my Windows 7 computer? Can I remove them? wbxtra_*.wbt Temporary Files are created when download and install the WebEx program to join a Web conference meeting. They are located in the \Users\&lt;userid&gt;\ AppData\Local\Tempfolder. When you click th...
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💬 2019-09-13 AD: thank you..this is really helpful to address the issue

💬 2019-02-20 MS: Thanks! That was really helpful.

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Removing "AppData\Local" Files on Windows 7
What files are stored in the "C:\Users\&lt;userid&g t;\AppData\Local"folder? Can I delete them? Files stored in the "C:\Users\&lt;userid&g t;\AppData\Local"folder are files created by applications to store configuration settings, temporary files, and data specific to each application...
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Move your library for Windows Media Player to a new computer
How do I move my library to a new computer? You must perform multiple steps before and after moving your digital media files, depending upon the file types that you have. Before you begin the process, see the following questions. If You See This Purchased any of the files displayed in your library f...
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💬 2016-08-23 FYIcenter.com: Hi Wendy, are you not able to finish transferring your files?

💬 2016-08-18 Wendy: Good, but I need the rest of the instructions

💬 2015-07-07 FYIcenter.com: It's completed now.

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Router Connection
How to connect your computer to a wireless router? Here are the steps of how to connect your computer to the Internet through a wireless router? Connect your wireless router to an existing Internect connection, like a DSL modem. Connect the power supply to your wireless router. Power on the DSL mode...
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💬 2020-02-15 CINDY: THANKS

💬 2009-01-30 FYIcenter.com: Hi Tommy, what is the maker and model of your router? Usually the default password is specific for each maker and model.

💬 2009-01-28 Tommy: while trying to secure my router I keep recieving unathorized when I type in the pass word admin

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"Net.Msmq Listener Adapter - SMSvcHost.exe" Service on Windows 7
What is "Net.Msmq Listener Adapter" in my Windows 7 service list? And how is "Net.Msmq Listener Adapter" service related to SMSvcHost.exe? "Net.Msmq Listener Adapter" is a Windows 7 service that "Receives activation requests over the net.msmq and msmq.formatname protocols and passes them to the Wind...
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💬 2016-05-24 Remi: the answer is of the type Q: what is an apple? A: it is a thing u can bite in and grows outside. So Answer is true; but it does ...

💬 2015-10-01 JMM: What are the consequences of disabling this service? Thanks.

"CyberLink Virtual Drive - VirtualDrive.exe" Startup Program
What is the startup program "CyberLink Virtual Drive - VirtualDrive.exe" on my Windows 8 computer? Can I remove it to speedup my computer and reduce security risk? "CyberLink Virtual Drive - VirtualDrive.exe" is installed as part of the IDT PC Audio to support the sound system on your computer. Prog...
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Background Process List - Commonly Used Background Processes on Windows Systems
What are the commonly used background processes on Windows systems? A background process is a program that is running on the system without any user interface. Since most background processes are running invisiblly and quietly on your system, you need to use Task Manager to view them. Some backgroun...
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Getting Unresponsive Script Warning Message in Mozilla FireFox
Why I am getting the "Warning: Unresponsive Script" message box? How to avoid this message box? When you visit a Website that uses JavaScript, Mozilla FireFox browser may give you a warning message box, saying that: "Warning: Unresponsive Script - A script on this page may be busy, or it may have st...
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'Task Manager' Services Tab on Windows 7?
A new tab called "Services" is added in "Task Manager" on Windows Vista and Windows 7. What is this "Services" tab for? Windows Task Manager on Windows Vista and Windows 7 has a new tab called "Services" comparing with Windows XP. The "Services" tab lists all services, running and not running, insta...
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💬 2017-03-01 Akshay: useful

Understanding and Managing Startup Programs - 39 Tutorials
A collection of 39 tutorials on understanding and managing Windows startup programs: What is a startup program; How to list all startup program; What is the best way to remove a startup program; Reviewing apoint.exe, ifrmewrk.exe, atiptaxx, quickset.exe, bacstray.exe, dsentry.exe, directcd.exe, shst...
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Windows XP Services Management Console
What is Windows XP Services Management Console? Windows XP Services Management Console is a system administration interface that allows you to start, stop, and change configuration on services defined on your computer. To access Windows XP Services Management Console, you can follow this tutorial. 1...
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Removing WZQKPICK.exe - Startup Application - WinZip Quick Pick
How to remove WZQKPICK.exe from the startup application list to gain performance and reduce security risk? WZQKPICK.exe is the tray bar program that allows you to access WinZIP compression program quickly from Windows tray bar. WZQKPICK.exe was configured as a startup application when you install Wi...
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BTTray.exe - Process - Bluetooth Tray Application
What is BTTray.exe - Process - Bluetooth Tray Application? Process BTTray.exe is Bluetooth Tray Application which runs a tray program to allow you start bluetooth device configuration quickly. The Bluetooth tray icon look like this: . Process BTTray.exe is launched as a startup program with followin...
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"CNG Key Isolation - KeyIso.dll" Service on Windows 7
What is "CNG Key Isolation" in my Windows 7 service list? And how is "CNG Key Isolation" service related to KeyIso.dll? "CNG Key Isolation" is a Windows 7 service that "The CNG key isolation service is hosted in the LSA process. The service provides key process isolation to private keys and associat...
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💬 2016-08-25 Thomas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common _Criteria

💬 2013-02-01 J: All you did was copy and paste from Windows. This tells me nothing. What is the Common Criteria? How do I know whether I have an...

DSentry.exe - Startup Application - Dell DVDSentry
Can I remove startup application "DSentry.exe - Dell DVDSentry" to speedup my computer and reduce security risk? Startup application DSentry.exe launches your software DVD player when a DVD is inserted. Some report on the Internet says that DSentry.exe is an anti-spyware from Dell. Seems that after ...
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Download Program Files (DPF) for IE 7 Browser
What are Download Program Files (DPF) for Internet Explorer (IE) 7 browser? Download Program Files (DPF) are special programs loaded in your computer system whenever Internet Explorer (IE) browser. A good example of DPF is Java VM. Download Program Files (DPF) are stored in a special folder called: ...
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"Update for (KB2504637)" Installed Program on Windows 7
What is the installed program "Update for (KB2504637)" on my Windows 7 computer? "Update for (KB2504637)" is an installed program on Windows 7 system managed by the program itself. You will see "Update for (KB2504637)" listed on "uninstall or change a program" in Control Panel with the following inf...
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💬 2020-05-15 FYIcenter.com: @Bert, Thanks for sharing the information.

💬 2020-05-11 bert: more info here: What is .NET Multi-Targeting Pack?

💬 2020-05-11 Bert: this is Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Multi-Targeting Pack serves as to let Visual studio code to target many different versions of...

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