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Removing "AppData\LocalLow" Files on Windows 7
What files are stored in the "C:\Users\&lt;userid&g t;\AppData\LocalLow"folder? Can I delete them? Files stored in the "C:\Users\&lt;userid&g t;\AppData\LocalLow"folder are files created by applications to store configuration settings, temporary files, and data specific to each appli...
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💬 2016-08-13 Eugene: I have been trying to check waec result 2016 with my laptop not getting through, what mighty be the problem/

Terminate an Application with Task Manager on Windows 7
How to terminate an application in Task Manager on Windows 7? My Web browser is hanging and it can not be closed. I was told to use Task Manager to terminate Firefox application. If your application, like Web browser, is hanging, you can follow these steps to terminate it: 1. Start the Task Manager ...
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Terminate a Process with Task Manager on Windows 7
How to terminate a process in Task Manager on Windows 7? My Web browser is hanging and it can not be closed. I was told to use Task Manager to terminate the Firefox process. " If your application, like Web browser, is hanging, you can follow these steps to terminate the process that represents the a...
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Dump Running DLL List to File on Windows 7
How to dump the list of all processes with their DLL files that are running on my Windows 7 system? I want save names of all running processes and DLL into a file. You can dump all processes with DLL files they are using on your Windows 7 using the "tastlist.exe" command as shown in this tutorial: 1...
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Save Resource Handles with Process Explorer on Windows 7
How to save resource handle information to a file with Process Explorer on Windows 7? I want to keep a copy of all resource handles of Firefox. When you are viewing the DLL library dependency tree with Dependency Walker in Process Explorer, you can same the DLL dependency tree to file using these st...
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Installing and Using Mozilla FireFox 2 - 18 Tutorials
A collection of 18 tutorials on Mozilla FireFox 2 covering: How to download and install Mozilla FireFox 2; How to manage cookies; How to manage download files; How to block popup ads; How to install FireFox add-ons; How to edit configuration file; etc. A collection of 18 tutorials on Web browser Moz...
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💬 2016-07-21 Inna: good tutorial, helps me a lot.

💬 2009-02-25 NEALSESUEVE: Coool site, greate design!

💬 2009-01-24 FYIcenter.com: Hi Albert, We will do our best. Thanks for the comment.

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What Is a Process on Windows 7
What is a process on my Windows 7 computer? A process is a copy of a program running in the CPU. When you run a program, a process of that program will created in CPU to run. Usually, if run the same program again without closing the first run, a second process of that program will be created in the...
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"firefox.exe" Process on Windows 7
What is the "firefox.exe" process on windows 7? Is the "firefox.exe" process a virus? Can I terminate the "firefox.exe" process? "firefox.exe - Firefox" process represents the Firefox Web browser you are running on the desktop. "firefox.exe" process is created by "explorer.exe" when you launch Firef...
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"iexplore.exe" Process on Windows 7
What is the "iexplore.exe" process on windows 7? Is the "iexplore.exe" process a virus? Can I terminate the "iexplore.exe" process? Why where are multiple "iexplore.exe" process? "iexplore.exe" process represents "Internet Explorer" program. "iexplore.exe" process is the Internet Explorer Web browse...
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Getting Blank Pages When Running PHP MySQL Pages
Why am I getting a blank page when running PHP scripts to access MySQL database? Assuming that you have installed the Apache server, the PHP engine, and the MySQL server. Assuming also that you have configured Apache server to run PHP scripts correctly. Now you try to run a PHP application that uses...
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Workstation (LanmanWorkstation) Service on Windows Server 2012
What is the "Workstation (LanmanWorkstation)" system service on Windows Server 2012? Can I disable "Workstation"? "Workstation (LanmanWorkstation)" is a Windows Server 2012 service that creates and maintains client network connections to remote servers using the SMB protocol. If this service is stop...
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Unwanted tab in Edge
After upgrading to Windows 10, I tried Edge and all went well until a survey popup appeared by goggle.com. I cannot get rid of the darn thing. How do I remove this annoying tab? You have the option to enable "block pop ups" under "Advanced Settings" in Microsoft Edge browser.
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Not logged in while I'm logged in?
Why does this happen?!?! I'm logged in but it says i'm not? would suggest you to try resetting Internet Explorer by following the steps below and check again. Resetting the browser will clear the cache and history. 1. Start Internet Explorer. 2. On the Tools menu, tap or click Internet options. If y...
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What's new in Windows 10?
What's new in Windows 10? Here is quick summary of what's new in Windows 10. The "Start" menu is back. The "Store" is a one-stop shop for music, videos, games an apps. The "Store" is accessible on the taskbar. "Cortana", your personal assistant, is on the desktop. Ask her to set up a meeting or send...
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How to set up Windows 10?
I finished installating Windows 10 process. If you followed the Windows 10 upgrade and installation process, you will see the "Get going fast" screen at the end with the following message: Change these at any time (scroll to see more). Select Use Express settings to: Personalize your speech, typing,...
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How can I make the scroll bar more visible?
The very light color of the scroll bar make it hard for these old eyes to find sometimes. There is very little contrast between the scroll bar and the background page. When the cursor hovers over it, the contrast increases and the scroll bar becomes very visible; but until then it is hard to see. Is...
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Microsoft Research Toolbar Button and Tools Menu Item for IE Browser
What is Microsoft Research Extra Toolbar Button and Extra Tools Menu Item for Internet Explorer (IE) browsers? Microsoft Research Extra Toolbar Button for Internet Explorer (IE) browsers is an extra button on the main toolbar that allows you to lookup words in dictionaries in different languages ins...
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💬 2015-12-03 Costi: I believe your forum will be very ppoluar for new mothers. These days are long behind me, but I can share with others your blog....

How can I add new folders to my windows mail?
When I get email I save important ones in different folders. I cannot see any way of inserting a new folder. The old windows mail was much better. Unfortunately, the Mail app doesn’t support the facility of creating a new folder yet. You can add a new folder in your email client (like gmail, yaho...
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Create new folder in save as dialog
In the metro design it is possible to do a Save as... of a document. It will allow the user to browse to a certain location. How do I create new sub- folders in the metro-style file browser? This is a major limitation to productivity. Please add the feature to permit creation of new directories in t...
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How do I disable the overwrite key on Windows 8?
My keyboard keeps turning on the overwrite feature, but I can't figure out how it is happening. One minute stuff moves to the right when I'm inserting something, the next minute it is overwriting it instead. The INS key does not work at all to turn it off, but at times the keyboard seems to correct ...
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Installing Yahoo Toolbar for IE 7 Browser
How to download and install Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer (IE) 7 browser? Yahoo Toolbar adds some nice features to your IE browser: Better Bookmarks - Easier to organize, searchable, and accessible from any PC Custom Buttons - 1 click access to any site on the Web Security - Protect your PC fr...
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💬 2015-07-22 rubyunderduesmith: I like yahoo.com because it is all way up with things going on in other partes and that I can kept up with my email to

Microsoft Account does not exist
1. When I try to sign in it says Microsoft Account doesn't exists . 2.When I try to signup it says Microsoft Account already exists . What is the matter with Microsoft. In the name of flexibility Microsoft made simple email usage as a complex I now understand why no one uses this Microsoft account a...
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Unable to play online games using Chrome
Unable to play mousecity games from my laptop..wen i enter the mousecity page the game video itself is not showing up..wat do i do now..i am using chrome recommend you to try playing the same games on Internet Explorer. There might be an issue with the browser that you are using. If everything works...
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Windows 8 - open email attachments
I would like to know why I can't open attachments when I receive them with an e-mail from a friend. have windows 8 laptop and I have a shaw account for my e-mail I have had some answers to my questions but nothing works. Hopefully if I can give you more information I can get an answer that will work...
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