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Error code Ox80070035
Im getting an error code message appear. It reads as 'windows cannot access \null pre updates . html The error code shows up as Ox80070035. Can anyone tell me how to fix this- keep it simple please Please answer each of the following [admittedly tedious] diagnostic questions in a correspondingly-num...
2015-02-16, 3803👍, 0💬

Unable to open or launch some Desktop icons.
When I try to open a program, i.e. Internet Explorer or Google, nothing happens. I cannot open either one. When you say that you are unable to open any program shortcuts for example Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, do you mean this problem is specific to these browsers only? This issue could be ...
2014-11-19, 2150👍, 0💬

Side by side configuration error windows 8?
Every time I had tried to open chrome of firefox, I would get the error message that said the application had failed to start due to side by side configuration errors. The only browser that works is IE, and I tried to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft visual c++ packages already, but when I try to i...
2014-09-02, 2063👍, 0💬

Windows media player can't play .flv files
When I try and use Windows Media Player (on my new Windows 8 pc) to play .flv files I get told the extension is not recognised but the player might still be able to play it. It isn't able to play it. Adobe flash player is only a web browser plugin and will not play downloaded FLV files. You need to ...
2014-06-23, 3413👍, 0💬

I have a new Tablet Dell Lattitude 10.1 Windows 8.0
I cannot remove my email so I can return the tablet. Who is the email provider? How are you accessing your email, using a Web browser? Tell us more about your problem. May be we can help.
2014-05-05, 2098👍, 0💬

Delete email addresses from old XP but not cancel them as they will go on to new Windows 8
Have outlook, aol and gmail on my old XP. I will not use this laptop again and I wish to remove these accounts from this machine. I will then set them up on new Windows 8. However, how do I remove them from XP? Do I just go to Chrome Bookmarks Bar and IE Favourites, where they are situated, and just...
2014-03-20, 2109👍, 0💬

Audio and video issues Windows 8
Just started having issues with my audio and video today. I have a Samsung laptop w/Windows 8. I've had this computer for a year now and have never experienced these problems prior. I was able to listen to Pandora earlier in the day, now it won't cue up and there's no sound. I tried YouTube, I get a...
2014-02-27, 2042👍, 0💬

How to remove conduit from windows 8
SUDDENLY I HAVE THIS cONDUIT BROWSER , HOW DO I GET RID OF IT, TRIED ALL, BUT KEEPS COMING BACK, THE BEST WAY TO REMOVE CONDUIT... You will need to Reset Internet Explorer in Windows 8 to remove an add-on browser that doesn't allow you to access the delete option. Go to : 1. Internet Options 2. Clic...
2014-01-28, 2617👍, 0💬

Why can't some icons be pinned to taskbar
Why does windows only let curtain web sites or icons on the desktop be brought down and pinned to the taskbar. It won't let me pin my bank icons, e-mail icon, movie theater icon and many others. It's confusing why some can and some can't be pinned. Anyone have an answer? Cause support doesn't. Basic...
2013-09-16, 3331👍, 0💬

BSOD's After Upgrading to Windows 8
Just upgraded to Windows 8 and have been having issues with an IRQL not less or equal BSOD. It happens mostly when I am using the desktop of windows 8. I can use apps and watch netflix for hours without issues, but fifteen minutes in a browser or on spotify seems to trigger bsod. System: * 1 x GIGAB...
2013-09-11, 2806👍, 0💬

Features and Tools in Internet Explorer 10
What are new features and tools in Internet Explorer 10? Here are new features and tools in Internet Explorer 10. 1. Browser launch settings for opening links - You can choose one of the following options for which browsing experience to use when a link is clicked: Let Internet Explorer decide; Alwa...
2013-07-17, 4017👍, 0💬

saving a photo from outlook
I received a photo attached to an email (from outlook). When I try to save it to Windows 8 documents or library it does not show up when I look for it. However, when I try to save it again it suddenly shows up on the screen as being there. When I again go to documents or library it is again absent. ...
2013-06-21, 3890👍, 0💬

Problem with email on ie10 and windows 8
when will the problem with ie10 email be corrected. will not let you pull up your contacts, reply, or view your contacts list.. I think this issue is being currently worked upon. But there are alternatives like using a software email client or another browser.
2013-06-05, 2690👍, 0💬

Move email to folders via dragging
'm trying my darndest to use Windows 8 effectively, but there are some things that just make absolutely no sense whatsoever. How do we go about submitting "feature requests" - is there an avenue for that besides these forums? The issue I've stumbled across is with the Windows 8 Mail app. The latest ...
2013-05-08, 2540👍, 0💬

Setting Up POP3 Email on Windows Phone
How can I configure my Windows Phone to access a POP3 email account? My QQ email support POP3 service. You can configure your Windows Phone to access your QQ email account using these steps: 1. Review your QQ email account help document and get the POP3 server information: POP3 server name: pop.qq.c...
2013-03-26, 7126👍, 0💬

I lost my home page
Yahoo was my home page using Windows 8. I now have no home page, just a blank screen. How do I restore a home page, specifically a Yahoo.com home page? Depends what your browser is. In Internet Explorer Desktop, navigate to the page you want to have your home page, the open the Internet Options. Und...
2013-02-21, 3471👍, 0💬

Browser Popup Ads
What are browser popup ads? Browser popup ads are new browser windows openned by Websites to display advertisements. Websites can use different techniques to display popup ads. 1. Popup displayed when you opens the Website. 2. Popup displayed when you closes the Website. 3. Popup displayed when you ...
2013-02-06, 10644👍, 1💬

💬 2013-02-06 Macky: I'm not sure why this didn't work for Stephen, so I sent him the document aoynne else having problems? Email me: jslezak at umw ...

Getting HTTP 403 (Forbidden) Error on PHP Scripts
What is causing the HTTP 403 (Forbidden) error when running PHP scripts with PHP CGI configuration? If you followed the installation instructions provided by the PHP package to configure Apache server to run PHP scripts as CGI scripts, you will most likely get this HTTP 403 (Forbidden) error when ru...
2013-01-23, 81715👍, 2💬

💬 2013-01-23 LianHV: simply dropping by to say hey

💬 2009-09-08 J.J.: Great info, but step 6 could use some clarification.

I am having a problem with the Internet connection
. I am having a problem with the Internet connection. My pc with windows 8 is directly wired to a router. Browsers show error 137 (net::err-name-resolution-fail ed).Wireless connection is fine for the tablet.Wireless connection is fine for the tablet. 1) What exactly happens when you try to connect ...
2012-10-10, 7512👍, 0💬

Use Mouse back button in metro apps
it would be nice if you could use the mouse back button in Metro apps like the Windows store. This would make the navigation with the mouse much faster compared to clicking on the back button. It is a great feature in the browser - why not use it in apps. This is something Microsoft actively conside...
2012-10-08, 3500👍, 0💬

Not able to add an account in the "Mail" app by Microsoft
My default Hotmail account is added by default, but to add another email account, when I bring up the charms ---> "Settings", it displays the 3 options related to "Mail" app -- "Accounts", "Permissions" and "Rate and Review". Clicking on "Permissions" keeps the right side bar open, but clicking on "...
2012-09-11, 6617👍, 0💬

Flash ActiveX, content is not repainted in Windows 8
The defect is the following. The screen is not repainted when animation is played inside Flash. That is Flash Player ActiveX keeps displaying still picture. When the Window is resized - the screen is propertly updated. With the 32 bit apps on 64 bit Windows 8 Release Preview, the SWF will load and t...
2012-08-02, 3788👍, 0💬

"Extensible Authentication Protocol - eapsvc.dll" Service on Windows 7
What is "Extensible Authentication Protocol" in my Windows 7 service list? And how is "Extensible Authentication Protocol" service related to eapsvc.dll? "Extensible Authentication Protocol" is a Windows 7 service that "The Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) service provides network authentica...
2012-04-11, 6445👍, 0💬

"Computer Browser - Browser.dll" Service on Windows 7
What is "Computer Browser" in my Windows 7 service list? And how is "Computer Browser" service related to Browser.dll? "Computer Browser" is a Windows 7 service that "Maintains an updated list of computers on the network and supplies this list to computers designated as browsers. If this service is ...
2012-03-23, 7329👍, 0💬

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