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product key removed
Title my product key which is not excepted when I try to load for some reason? would like an answer. thank you in anticipation of your help To install an upgrade version of Windows 8, you must already have Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP installed on your PC. If you formatted the drive befor...
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eject cd from computer
How do I eject my cd from my computer? I have Windows 8. If there is no eject button on the drive itself or on your keyboard, you can open File Explorer, right-click the drive and choose "Eject".
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Is it possible install Windows Vista on a Gateway laptop that came with Windows 8 preinstalled?
I recently bought a new Gateway laptop. I like the computer, but I hate Windows 8, even though I have tried for several weeks to get used to it. I really hate this OS, and would like to uninstall it and install Windows Vista. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how to do it? You will fi...
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I cant see battery icon windows 8
hello , after i upgraded to windows 8 , i can't see the battery icon, i checked the Notification Area Icon menu and all things is ok at there but at taskbar i cant see the icon, my laptop is acer, please help me The icon might be hidden. Here's how to show the battery icon: a. Press and hold or righ...
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Windows 8 activation key when auto-activated and pre-loaded?
How do I get a windows 8 product key from preloaded auto-activated software (so I can make a back-up copy)? New computer, preloaded software, autoactivated, no confirmation email sent to me. With Windows 8, Microsoft has changed from stickers that have the product key that the user has to type in wh...
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Forwarding Emails to your other contacts
When I want to forward an Email I click forward and it brings up the three boxes which include cc and bcc. I click on any of the three boxes and it used to bring up all the names of my contacts and I was able to click on them for selecting who the Email was going to. Now it only brings up two of the...
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Windows 8 Pro Licence for how many pc's?
I bought New Windows 8 Pro. In How many Pc's I can install this Software. As Its Written in the back (The Software in the package may only be used: To License more than five copies of the software(in total) for commercial use). One license - one machine. The offer at the time was for a maximum purch...
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got New Windows 8 machine , unable to transfer files sttings etc from my XP SP3
Old computer was Dell Dimension 2350 with XP SP3 (I think 32 bit). New Machine ASUS A8 Quad core with Windows 8 (arrgghh!) Downloaded Easy Transfer (for XP32 bit as indicated by Microsoft) onto XP machine and copied the files etc as indicated to Flash drive. I then downloaded what I could find on Mi...
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Backup Procedure
I want to do backups of system. This is my first time and need to know how. I have tried several times and the message I keep getting is use correct disk. I have CD-RW disk. Is this not the correct disk? You will not be able to backup your computer to a CD-RW. Too small. The best thing to do is to b...
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Frozen lock screen
I am using windows 8, unfortunately it is now frozen on th e lock screen page and there is no cusor. I have tried pressing windows key with other letter keys after reading similar responses but nothing works. No keys are working. Could you answer few questions to help us understand the issue better:...
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Download stuck at 0%
I’m trying to download Windows 8, but it’s stuck at zero percent. If you are trying to download Windows 8 and it is stuck at 0% and is not showing any progress, the most likely reason is a proxy issue with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some things you can do to get Windows 8 installed: 1. Tr...
2013-04-12, 3543👍, 0💬

Network onnectivity issues With Windows 8
Please help with the following if possible (Windows 8 64bit, laptop connecting wifi): 1. IPv6 - No internet; 2. Windows 8 Store and other apps do not work - can't connect; 3. Skydrive does not connect and sync - I have the latest PC app. I am spending more time investigating problems with my systems...
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Delayed Windows 8 Update
I purchased a new laptop in September that had windows 7 and received a slip with my receipt that said I could upgrade to Windows Pro 8 for $14.99. I didn't bother for a while, but I recently got a Windows 8 phone. Now, it would be better to upgrade to Windows 8 to make syncing pictures, music etc. ...
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Transfer files from xp pc to windows8 pc
How do I transfer files from my old xp to my new Windows 8 pc. I know windows 8 does not have easy transfer There are several choices. Here are a few ways: 1. E-mail the data from the old machine and read it on the new one. 2. Network the two machines and transfer the data over the network. 3. Remov...
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Media Center flashes to black screen when mc is full screen only
I have win8 with media center on CI3 with Gbyte GT610 installed. Randomly when media center is full screen,(only in full screen) the display flashes black. This can happen at any frequency from 1 per second to 1 per minute. IT is random. When the MC is windowed it stops. I have the latest drivers in...
2013-04-10, 2553👍, 0💬

How do I find a corrupted media file
How do I find a corrupted media file. It say my windows media player library is corrupted and restarts doing my library. and some of my music files it does no find. It did find them all when I had windows 7 but not 8. See just finished uploading my cd's from my collection on to my pc a few months ag...
2013-04-10, 3376👍, 0💬

DVD/RW drive not working - Asus DRW-2014L1T
Can consider me an intermediate to advanced windows user so don't be afraid to talk specifics. I have no idea why the DVDRW stopped working. The only drivers available seem to be back from 2008, compatible with windows vista only. For some reason windows is assigning my DVD/CD-Rom device a driver fr...
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windows 8 exiting programs
when playing a game and i want to exit it i have to open the start icons and click on the desktop one is there an easier way Try grabbing top edge of the window and dragging it down to the bottom of the screen. Toss it away sort of .. closes it.
2013-04-09, 2483👍, 0💬

Windows defender?
Do I need Norton anti theft and pc check up if I'm running windows defender? Windows Defender is all you need. So many have problems with Norton, and other anti-virus... starts a painful headache for way too many. Some of the intel cpu's will have a very nice anti-theft feature, its a paid program. ...
2013-04-08, 2151👍, 0💬

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is stuck signing in
Microsoft Solitaire Collection is stuck signing in. I have spinning dots in the upper right. Unable to use Daily Challenge. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app with no luck. Any suggestions? Method 1: Download and run the app troubleshooter and check. http://download.microsoft.com/ download/F...
2013-04-08, 4525👍, 0💬

New HDD to replace failing HDD
I have just bought a new sata hard drive for my daughters PC because her old IDE drive is failing. She has Windows 8 Pro from and upgrade we downloaded from Microsoft. I don't want to run into problems, so just want to be sure. I'll have to re-install Windows 7 then use the Windows 8 upgrade.Correct...
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When I rip cd Windows Media Player does not recognize cds
When I rip cd Windows Media Player does not recognize the cd I am ripping and it used to. When I go to the library and click "Find Album Info.", I find the album, but it does not get applied to what I am ripping. It seems to be stuck on "Unknown Artist". I have the checkbox "Update music files by re...
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What to do if a Windows Store app incorrectly claims it meets accessibility requirements
Many Windows Store apps claim to meet accessibility requirements. This means it is possible to accomplish all tasks within the app using only a keyboard, or that the app is compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers, Magnifier, high contrast themes, or high dpi settings. Customers...
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Non funziona l’audio nelle Apps, nel Desktop sí.
Non funziona l’audio quando uso le App audio o video, nell’interfaccia Desktop invece l’inconveniente non si verifica. Potete, per favore, ipotizzare qualche scenario possibile? il più delle volte questo inconveniente si manifesta a causa delle impostazioni di Internet Explorer post upgrade a Windo...
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